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01 January 2019 / / tech
First things first. Immediately after logging in via ssh I changed the default root password and installed fail2ban to slow down ssh brute forcing. Then I created user for myself and added my ssh keys. Next up ware ssh configs: disabling root login, password authentication and changing the default port - the usual stuff. Last piece of essential security stuff was enabling automatic security updates with unattended-upgrades package. Right after security comes ease of use so just incase I ever need to login via a miserable mobile connection I installed mosh.
30 December 2018 / / tech
Moi mailma! New sites I finally got around updating my site. My old site was just a one static page and I had been thinking about building a blog from scratch for a good while. I actually worked on a nodejs back end for the blog a bit. When the back end was some what working I started to think about building the front end with React but decided that building a whole blog platform from scratch probably isn’t a good idea.