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New sites

I finally got around updating my site. My old site was just a one static page and I had been thinking about building a blog from scratch for a good while. I actually worked on a nodejs back end for the blog a bit. When the back end was some what working I started to think about building the front end with React but decided that building a whole blog platform from scratch probably isn’t a good idea. First of all it would be way too much work maintaining both a blog and multiple codebases and a server for it and what is more it would be kind of reinventing a wheel . Not to say that reinventing wheel to learn how to build wheels is a bad thing but now I’m more interested in running and maintaining a set of wheels than building one. So the blog project was a hiatus for couple of months. When the site was getting really outdated I begun considering using WordPress or some other CMS. For some reason WordPress felt too bulky and updating a static site by hand felt way too tedious. Couple of weeks a go I stumbled upon StaticGen and got inspired start working on my new site. I had heard of Jekyll before but never actually looked up what it was. Static site generators seemed like a pretty good balance between simplicity and features. I decided to go with Hugo on a whim.

New everything else

New sites are a wonderful reason to update everything else behind them and learn new stuff while doing it. I’m moving to a new server provider that is cheaper, has better scaling options than my current one and on top of that has servers in Finland too. If you want to move too or just help me out register to UpCloud using my referral link and get 25$ worth of credits. Besides new server I’m going to to be moving from Apache to Nginx and deploying everything in docker. Other significant motivator besides saving money is improving maintainability and security. I’m probably going to write a proper post about the migration, deploying everything and building this site in the near future.

Happy 2019!

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