So. This site has been way quieter than I wanted. I’ve been feeling quite down for the past year now. I have been on meds for some months now and finally got the energy to start pursuing therapy. I have had better and worse times in the last five or so years but never as hard as the last year has been. I’ve lost and gained interest in things during the year, mostly lost though. I haven’t had the motivation or iterest to carry on with the projects I had going on, like this site and othe stuff that I spoke on 1st post. I did manage to migrate the TeamSpeak server though - but that’s pretty much it for the year. I don’t know what else to tell you now. I’m not doing well but I’m working on it.

Jonossa seuraava

I should probaly explain this “jonossa seuraava” thing. Basicly the quote in my last post has resonated with me very much especially last fall. The quote translates roughly to

And everyhting goes on as allways before !/ We are fucking tired or fucking wasted!

Luckily I’ve gotten away from the fucking wasted part in 2019.

I’ve tried to start a blog and a youtube channel to process this stuff, but ofcourse haven’t had the initiative to actually do anything. But maybe some day.

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