About me

As you might have guessed my name is Anton Lehmus. I’m nature loving ICT engineer from Tampere Finland. I graduated in 2018 from Tampere University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Engineering specializing in software engineering.

Picture of me at Koli

On my spare time I like to play video games or tinker on my computers. When I need fresh air I usually go for a bike ride, a jog or a walk in a forest. I try to go for a jog about four times a week to keep somewhat fit. If I get the chance I go downhill skiing at least once a year. Music is essential to me. What ever I’m doing, I’m listening to music in the background. I mostly listen to electronic music, trance, hard style, hardcore and drum and bass being my favourites. You can check out my last.fm profile if you are interested in music taste in more detail.

I’m quiet and calm. When I’m working on something interesting I become absorbed in it really easily. I’m persistent and keep on working on the problem on hand as long as it takes. Sometimes I keep trying the same thing over and over again - but I’m working on noticing and breaking the habit.

When I have the extra time and energy I like to keep on learning new stuff. Usually from web courses or video series, mostly on Udemy and Youtube.

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