02 August / / personal
So. This site has been way quieter than I wanted. I’ve been feeling quite down for the past year now. I have been on meds for some months now and finally got the energy to start pursuing therapy. I have had better and worse times in the last five or so years but never as hard as the last year has been. I’ve lost and gained interest in things during the year, mostly lost though.
13 April / / personal
01 January / / tech
First things first. Immediately after logging in via ssh I changed the default root password and installed fail2ban to slow down ssh brute forcing. Then I created user for myself and added my ssh keys. Next up ware ssh configs: disabling root login, password authentication and changing the default port - the usual stuff. Last piece of essential security stuff was enabling automatic security updates with unattended-upgrades package. Right after security comes ease of use so just incase I ever need to login via a miserable mobile connection I installed mosh.
30 December / / tech
Moi mailma! New sites I finally got around updating my site. My old site was just a one static page and I had been thinking about building a blog from scratch for a good while. I actually worked on a nodejs back end for the blog a bit. When the back end was some what working I started to think about building the front end with React but decided that building a whole blog platform from scratch probably isn’t a good idea.